Mulholland Dr.

[Written ages ago] David Lynch (USA/France, 2001) I have a pile of DVDs that sit, unwatched. They wait, patiently, for the moment that they realise their potential and rotate at high speed inside my DVD player. The more I want to watch one of these discs, the longer they usually have to wait before fulfillingContinue reading “Mulholland Dr.”

Film Review: 300

Zack Snyder (2006)I like a variety of films. I like film adaptations of comics and graphic novels. This film, though… And I don’t really know where to start with it, either, as everything that could be wrong with this film is wrong with it. Perhaps I should take a look at 300 in the manyContinue reading “Film Review: 300”


Christopher Nolan (2000) This was a confusing film. I started watching it with the knowledge that it was the number one film of the 2000’s according to a message board I frequent. I expected it to be great. And it was, to begin with. From the start I could see that it was based aroundContinue reading “Memento”


Joe Chappelle (1998) Saw this last night on the television, and was very pleasantly surprised. I was flicking through the channels and I saw Rose McGowan get out of a car and figured I could watch for a few minutes. The film was just starting, and I noticed Dean Koontz wrote it, so I decidedContinue reading “Phantoms”