A Cock and Bull Story

Michael Winterbottom (UK, 2006) Steve Coogan, eh? While any artist or craftsman hates being associated with one piece of work for his whole career, it seems he will never escape the long shadow cast by his Alan Partridge character, possibly the finest British comedy creation of the nineties. Let’s face it, he’s infinitely preferable toContinue reading “A Cock and Bull Story”

Garden State

Zach Braff (USA, 2004) I wasn’t all that hyped for this, to be honest. The second film I had seen in Film Four’s current ‘New Hollywood’ season, Garden State’s description as ‘written by, directed by and starring Zach Braff’ filled me with trepidation. It’s not that I don’t like him – he’s a perfectly fineContinue reading “Garden State”


Alexander Payne (USA, 2004) FilmFour recently put on a ‘NEEEWWW HOLLYWOOOOOD!’ season, because the future of da bidneth is apparently represented by the cinematic equivalent of Nemo music. I either missed (Lost in Translation, probably other stuff) or decided against watching (I ♥ Huckabees, Brick) a lot of what I was originally interested in, butContinue reading “Sideways”


Steven Shainberg (USA, 2002) For some reason I decided a few weeks back to create a ‘Gyllenhaal’ tag, to which films of both Gyllenhaal siblings would refer. I decided that having never seen a film starring either Gyllenhaal sibling, but thought it might be nice to click on a tag and see references to bothContinue reading “Secretary”