UFC: fight night 148

I’ve not written about da fights in a while. Rather than try to write a whole article, I really just want to make some notes so I can remember what happened. Back in 2004-5, it was easy to remember what happened in a show, or who beat whom. Now, there’s pretty much a show aContinue reading “UFC: fight night 148”

Smack Dab in the Middle of the Blue

It’s a tad later than I had planned (wait til I post my Wimbledon thoughts, as the US Open is in its closing stages! Next week: my opinion on the Flight of the Navigator premier…), but I feel I have to say something about the second half of Usain Bolt‘s immaculate Olympics performance this summer.Continue reading “Smack Dab in the Middle of the Blue”

Lightning Bolt

While I haven’t been watching particularly much of the Olympic Games, I had to make sure I caught the business end of the 100m running. I have always loved this event and the year or so building up to these Games was more interesting than most. In the last twelve months we saw Tyson Gay,Continue reading “Lightning Bolt”