Random play

Today was another of those days when the portable music player just seemed to be fantastic at DJing for me. Granted, it was yours truly who actually populated the thing with music (from scratch, since the great iPhone 3.13 upgrade debacle), but the boy done good. Oh, according to Google Docs, ‘debacle’ is not aContinue reading “Random play”


So I was sent the new Shining album last night, and I listened to it on the way home today. Well, most of it. It was a lovely experience: increasingly rarely as I age do I get the chance to indulge in that exciting first listen to a album for which I’ve waited. And IContinue reading “Blackjazz”

Ear Pwr

I’m off to see this lot tomorrow. Technically today, in the calendar sense, but really tomorrow. In the sleeps sense. I had meant to review the Ear Pwr album for Fact, but unfortunately didn’t get round to it after returning from Iran. Anyway, their album has the same name as this song, and is brilliant,Continue reading “Ear Pwr”