Ear Pwr

I’m off to see this lot tomorrow. Technically today, in the calendar sense, but really tomorrow. In the sleeps sense. I had meant to review the Ear Pwr album for Fact, but unfortunately didn’t get round to it after returning from Iran. Anyway, their album has the same name as this song, and is brilliant, in that high-energy, funfunfun AWK/Captain Ahab/Be Your Own PET kinda way. And it’s quite a short album. 16 tracks (some segues) in just over half an hour means you can listen to it before dinner without spoiling your appetite. Boomkat tends to have it cheap, so get it bought.

I found out on Friday that they’re playing my town on Sunday. They’re only the support act, but it should be an enjoyable occasion. Watch this video to get an idea of what they’re about. My only source of trepidation comes from the fact that they appear to be a couple of ironic, cooly-cool coolsters. The kind of people who’d be more at home playing the Faversham, that home of the faux-cool in Leeds. And it’d be a shame if they were super-ironic 80s bandwagon jumpers, as that’s totally not the idea I get from their album.

The music is sweet and energetic, and not at all 1980s. It’s dance music that rocks, and the singer (called Sarah?) sings with a naive enthusiasm that’s really catchy and joyous. So I’d rather the latter description to be the case than the ironic one, but I’m not sure it’s possible to be in a band nowadays and not be taking the piss to some extent. Maybe I’m cynical, I don’t know. They’re from the same area as Ponytail and Animal Collective, so maybe that means something. They’re relatively unironic for the kind of music they do. Anyway, hoping to enjoy the gig; hoping the headliner is good; hoping to write it all up at some point. Suspense!

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