Ray Donovan, seasons 1 and 2

I assume anyone reading this has watched more of Ray Donovan than I have, so I’ll keep the recap brief: this show concerns a Hollywood fixer/hitman/thug for hire whose professional and personal relationships begin strained and spend the next however many episodes tugging yet further, so long as the constituent atoms roughly hold together. Ray […]

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World’s Strongest Man 2019

Okay, here’s the headline: Martins Licis won it. But what’s behind that? I think this was a really consistent performance that was simultaneously not amazingly impressive, if that even makes sense in this context. I was actually surprised near the end, when he had a nearly insurmountable lead. So, what happened? Event 1 was the […]

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UFC 243

This was a fun show. Thankfully the two main events were really good rather than just “fun”, as two Kiwi fighters did the biz, and outclassed their very capable opponents. The main event fights were quite similar to each other, in that you had a rangy, lean New Zealander using his reach to pick off […]

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UFC 241

Well, I just watched the damn UFC. I was expecting Daniel Cormier to have another pretty easy heavyweight title fight against previous champion Stipe Miocic, despite the Croatian-American’s size and reach advantage. I was wrong. I was right for a while. DC nearly ended it in the first round, after a combination of quicker hands, […]

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Scott Walker

Part of getting old is dealing with people dying. Thankfully, this does not include people very close to me, but celebrities I am fond of have been dying at an alarming rate. They’ve been really good ones, especially musicians. I’m not the biggest Bowie fan, but I get that he’s a legend of course. But […]

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Still years, after all this crazy

I’m still ageing. And I’m still wondering what’s going on with regard to music. Specifically how I interact with it. How we do. Whats going on? I was thinking yesterday about when we would listen to music when we were younger. Remember hanging out with your friends, before everyone had careers and children? You’d just […]

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