The Hills Have Eyes

Dir: Alexandre Aja (2006) For too long, whenever I would wax lyrical about fantastically addictive eye-crack The Hills (which is a regular occurence with me, sister), the response from bemused 20-somethings would be ‘The Hills Have Eyes?’ I would then have to clarify that, no, the everyday Hollywood travails and tribulations of Lauren, Audrina, WhitneyContinue reading “The Hills Have Eyes”

DOA – Dead Or Alive

Dir: Cory Yuen, 2006 I was warned about this one. When I mentioned to one friend that I had borrowed the Dead Or Alive film, he solemnly told me it is one of the worst films he has ever seen. And he spends a lot of time watching bad films. He has seen many classics,Continue reading “DOA – Dead Or Alive”

A Cock and Bull Story

POSTSCRIPT: I knew I forgot something. I did find the scene where Coogan was lowered into a giant fake womb to be rather amusing, as was what I think was a dream sequence in which he appeared again in the womb, this time a normal-sized one, and started ranting at the rest of the cast.Continue reading “A Cock and Bull Story”

Film Review: 300

Zack Snyder (2006)I like a variety of films. I like film adaptations of comics and graphic novels. This film, though… And I don’t really know where to start with it, either, as everything that could be wrong with this film is wrong with it. Perhaps I should take a look at 300 in the manyContinue reading “Film Review: 300”