An Albatross – The An Albatross Family Album

(2008, Eyeball) These Pennsylvanians follow up the fantastic Blessphemy (Of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear-Warp Kumite) (2006) with another detonation of manic Deep Purple-inspired grind. While outwardly very similar to the last album, An Albatross’ style is sufficiently individual to fuel another half an hour of cosmic bomb-blast. …Family Album is a stylistic frenzyContinue reading “An Albatross – The An Albatross Family Album”

Dungen – 4

(2008, Subliminal Sounds) – Director’s Cut! The interesting thing about retro bands is that they often remain fixed, like a bee in amber, in one temporal point. This may come as little surprise you, dear readers, but it defies logic somewhat. While often the retro band will mimic a combo from the past, theory wouldContinue reading “Dungen – 4”

The Howling Hex – Earth Junk

(2008, Drag City) There is no foundation, and that is what is so discomfiting about Earth Junk. Opener ‘Big Chief Big Wheel’ lacks that solid bass line, the catchy riff, the vocal hook. The melodies whose constituent notes seem to bear little relation to each other seem to spiral in and out like bees emergingContinue reading “The Howling Hex – Earth Junk”