SND’s New Album!*

4,5,6SND, 3LP Sheffield duo SND broke a years-long silence the other week to release a triple disc album of a truly minimal pedigree (history with Mille Plateaux, plain card sleeve), with nomenclature to match the packaging. Its 4,5,6 refers to the names of the discs herein; the pressing, too, held true to form. Just asContinue reading “SND’s New Album!*”

ButH in 300 Words!

Just sticking some FACT stuff up as and when I do it. Board up the HouseLovepump United, 2LP Electro-Grindcore monsters Genghis Tron return with their second full-length album. But is it a case of ‘one was enough’ (a la Andrew W.K.), or are the Tron embarking on a journey of constant improvement? There is definitelyContinue reading “ButH in 300 Words!”