So I was sent the new Shining album last night, and I listened to it on the way home today. Well, most of it. It was a lovely experience: increasingly rarely as I age do I get the chance to indulge in that exciting first listen to a album for which I’ve waited. And IContinue reading “Blackjazz”

Converge – Axe to Fall

Epitaph (2009) Massachusetts-based Converge offer a convincing case for best metal band of the decade. Consistently brutal, intense, intelligent and aesthetically astute, they effectively put a lid on the 90s noisecore subgenre with their epoch-defining Jane Doe, in 2001. Essentially a concept album about a relationship gone horribly wrong, it was followed up three yearsContinue reading “Converge – Axe to Fall”

ButH in 300 Words!

Just sticking some FACT stuff up as and when I do it. Board up the HouseLovepump United, 2LP Electro-Grindcore monsters Genghis Tron return with their second full-length album. But is it a case of ‘one was enough’ (a la Andrew W.K.), or are the Tron embarking on a journey of constant improvement? There is definitelyContinue reading “ButH in 300 Words!”