Queens Of The Stone Age – Era Vulgaris Initial Thoughts

Rekords Rekords/Interscope, 2007 Right, seeing as I tend to preface these things with a brief history of the artist and I, here’s the skinny on Homme and throughsilver: I have to admit that I wasn’t on at the ground floor with QOTSA. I didn’t get the album on Loosegroove. I in fact waited until 1999Continue reading “Queens Of The Stone Age – Era Vulgaris Initial Thoughts”


Queens Of The Stone Age – Lullabies To Paralyze (Interscope) Like the Cave In album of this year, Lullabies… is a good album, but one with qualification. While a new band releasing this record would impress me for being so good, the fact that this is QOTSA comes with the weight of the classic RatedContinue reading “Forty-seven”