New Propagandhi album!

Propagandhi, then. Best band of the last decade, pretty clearly. Very few bands have made an album better than 2005’s Potemkin City Limits, but zero have made two albums as good as that and its follow-up, Supporting Caste (2009). And, until it became a decade old, last year, the prior album, Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes,Continue reading “New Propagandhi album!”

Metric – Fantasies

Metric (2009) Broken Social scenester Emily Haines returns with another in a long line of power pop albums. But does it grow up and blow us away, or should we forget it? Err, in people? Fantasies begins as well as you could hope; it anchors into your brain with pop hooks so strong that yourContinue reading “Metric – Fantasies”