Verse En Coma – Rialto

Here’s a full length version of my latest FACT review. I initially picked it up because I was ordering the Jesu/Battle Of Mice split from those fine people at Robotic Empire (surely that’s good for a freebie) and the blurb for this caught my eye. I have to admit to major ignorance on City OfContinue reading “Verse En Coma – Rialto”

Matmos – Supreme Balloon

Just a quick one, hopefully, to add some momentum following the slow blogging month of May. Matador Records charge a lot to send singles to the UK. Being increasingly fond of modern punk rocker Jay Reatard, I am buying his singles as and when they become available. Matador seems to employ a flat rate forContinue reading “Matmos – Supreme Balloon”

Boris Packaging Fetish

So, as I mentioned at the tail end of my gig review, I ended up with a vinyl copy of the Japanese Smile album. And very nice it is too. As is now semi-tradition here at throughsilver towers, let’s take a look at that packaging before we talk about the album: Aww, isn’t it cute.Continue reading “Boris Packaging Fetish”