The Week Is Still Being Reviewed!

In more dramatic fare than a couple of posts below, I have found much to enjoy in the current series of The Sopranos. It seems the powers that be on the show (most likely Exec Producers, as I doubt a writer would have that much power on the show) have decided to follow the currentContinue reading “The Week Is Still Being Reviewed!”

The Week In Review

The first episode of series two of Extras aired tonight, and I was most pleased with it. Initially concerned about Keith Chegwin (seemed rather like a contrived attempt at Les Dennis mk. 2, on paper) and Orlando Bloom, they both worked out really well. Bloom was on fine form as the narcissist obsessed with hisContinue reading “The Week In Review”

Lost: Michael came back!

I just saw this week’s E4 episode of Lost. Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) brought Michael (Harold Perrineau) back to the hatch after finding him staggering through the jungle. I thought this was going to be a slightly slow episode, but the formula they seem to be on, of one poor episode andContinue reading “Lost: Michael came back!”

Last night’s Lost

The most recent episode has just aired on E4 and, as part of my new ‘get things written’ philosophy, I am commenting on it, though it will be brief. The main character of this episode is Claire (Emilie de Ravin) who, let’s be honest here, has not been either the most interesting or charismatic ofContinue reading “Last night’s Lost”