Real Football Factories: International

I didn’t watch the UK original series of this Danny Dyer vehicle, nor have I seen the film that inspired this whole shebang, The Football Factory. This might actually be less a review of the programme than of my current state of mind on deciding to watch this episode. My excuse is that Dyer wasContinue reading “Real Football Factories: International”

SORBO Watch: ‘You get caught lying about cancer, you’re gonna get punched’ I realised when writing about the introduction of burly man-thing SORBO to glamorous Newport that his name (and actually the delivery of said name that I recommended) was somewhat reminiscent of alien newscaster from Futurama’s year 3000, Morbo. The coincidence was just that,Continue reading

Conspiracy theories, subterfuge… and I’m not talking 24

I promised myself (and, by extension, the rest of the world) that I would not fall into the trap of writing weekly updates on Lost, The O.C. or anything else, but notes must be made on recent happenings. Perhaps news has reached you, the dear reader, of the ongoing discord between Richard Branson’s Virgin MediaContinue reading “Conspiracy theories, subterfuge… and I’m not talking 24”

My Comic Book Guy Moment, vol. 1I love The O.C., I really do. It took me a while but, after a couple of years of protestation, I succumbed in my 2006 summer of Cali-love that was spearheaded by the heady brew of Arrested Development and punk rock retro fetish. So I watched the first seasonContinue reading