Ray Donovan, seasons 1 and 2

I assume anyone reading this has watched more of Ray Donovan than I have, so I’ll keep the recap brief: this show concerns a Hollywood fixer/hitman/thug for hire whose professional and personal relationships begin strained and spend the next however many episodes tugging yet further, so long as the constituent atoms roughly hold together. RayContinue reading “Ray Donovan, seasons 1 and 2”

The Week in Review! 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Sopranos is absolutely magnificent at the moment, it really is. I was concerned that the whole supernatural/philosophical theme they were looking at with the coma episode would peter out once Tony was back in the real world, but thankfully that has turned out not to be the case. Fortunately for me, this first episode ofContinue reading “The Week in Review! 2: Electric Boogaloo!”

The Week Is Still Being Reviewed!

In more dramatic fare than a couple of posts below, I have found much to enjoy in the current series of The Sopranos. It seems the powers that be on the show (most likely Exec Producers, as I doubt a writer would have that much power on the show) have decided to follow the currentContinue reading “The Week Is Still Being Reviewed!”