Mastodon: Crack the Skye initial thoughts

After forgetting when it was coming out and then waiting for ‘Indigo Starfish’ to send my CD when I ordered from Amazon (what’s the deal with that?), my shiny new copy of the new Mastodon album arrived this very morning. I even splurged on the version with the DVD because I am a sucker forContinue reading “Mastodon: Crack the Skye initial thoughts”

Emeralds – What Happened

More Fact-age! *** No Fun Productions (2009) I expected something different from Emeralds. The name suggests a music at once multi-faceted, brightly shimmering and hard to the core. But the image, of three neo-grunge dudes slumped anonymously over samplers and synths suggests something altogether sleazier; low-rent. Maybe a poor man’s Wolf Eyes. Or, dare weContinue reading “Emeralds – What Happened”

Susumu Yokota – Mother

Lo Recordings (2009) Another writer’s cut of a FACT review! In the last month I have lazed on a beach under equatorial heat and braved the disappointingly feeble, yet perilously icy, British winter. With me in both scenarios (and a number betwixt) has been Yokota’s lovely Mother. I don’t know how many memos, or albums,Continue reading “Susumu Yokota – Mother”

Beirut – March of the Zapotec

Pompeii Recordings (2009) As per usual, I gots lots on the go, blogwise, but nothing’s getting through the door. Three Stooges syndrome, innit. So here’s a thing I did for FACT. It’a bloke who calls himself Beirut, and here’s the full story. Note absence of synth-pop dissage in the FACT edit… And I’ll not suggestContinue reading “Beirut – March of the Zapotec”