Oskar – LP:2

Incarnation (2009) (Another Fact review!) There is something about that title that doesn’t sit well with me. While Oskar aren’t the first band to name a record as such – let’s face it, we’ve had similar from the likes of Led Zep, Autechre and Dungen – that colon suggests rather too much self awareness. If,Continue reading “Oskar – LP:2”

James Blackshaw – The Glass Bead Game

Young God (2009) (Another Fact review!) Blackshaw, though he looks young, must have been at this for decades. There is some flavour of crossroad meeting, or memo to Mephistopheles, at work on The Glass Bead Game, because it’s otherwise difficult to accept the quality of playing on this record. Blackshaw has taken time to getContinue reading “James Blackshaw – The Glass Bead Game”

Tobacco – Fucked Up Friends

Anticon (2009) Not content with releasing Eating Us earlier this summer, Black Moth Super Rainbow mainman Tobacco goes weirdly prolific for a solo release on Californian label Anticon. BMSR’s (those initials so make me think of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club despite, you know, being different) last album, Eating Us, was fairly good. Pretty much theContinue reading “Tobacco – Fucked Up Friends”