So I still haven’t played SFIV. I don’t even have a console to play it on. But that doesn’t stop me from being very excited about this. It’s like that, but more, apparently. Good enough for me. I think, after waiting too long (I had initially tested myself to see if I could last throughout 2006 – or was it 2007? – without buying a new home console), that 2010 will be the year I finally join this gaming generation. And you can bet your butt that I’ll be getting this in as soon as I do.

I dread to think how many versions of Streetfighter I have bought since 1993. Lots…

4 thoughts on “Super!

  1. PES?! Interesting. Everyone else seems to have decided that FIFA is now officially the better game. Which was hard for me to swallow, being a ISS/Pro/Evo man since the mid-90s. But yeah.What do you have to say about that?

  2. I think they're crazy. I was frustrated myself at where PES was, so much so that I didn't get last year's version because they were stuck in a rut and not doing much to improve it. This new one is just awesome, though. It's far and away better than FIFA in the gameplay. FIFA just seems 'off' to me, doesn't feel like football, even though it is improved from the crap that it was for years. I score goals in this PES still that surprise me how Konami accounted for a particular animation that makes it feel like you can score goals that are fluid and natural, not just preset 3 types of goals that are your bread and butter that you score every match to the point of boredom, know what I mean? Plus, beyond gameplay, the master league mode is leaps and bounds better than what it used to be. Full Champs and Europa League licensing, and it's immersive with the transfer system and youth teams, etc. Everything about this PES is improved. Obviously, you'd have to create your Leeds and most of the players which I'm sure FIFA has already. But I've played the new FIFA and I think the new PES destroys it where the old classic PES's usually did, in gameplay. The only bad thing about the new PES is I've had it for months now and maybe been awarded one penalty. Souness and the like would have loved these PES refs.

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