Björk: initial thoughts on Volta

The new Neurosis album, Given to the Rising, was supposed to be out today. I had held off any downloading of it especially; I hadn’t even listened to the song the band themselves put on My Space (I’m still uncomfortable with a band like Neurosis being on a site like that). Virgin didn’t have it;Continue reading “Björk: initial thoughts on Volta”

Seeing Bob, part two.

Set List Bob Dylan, 14 April 2007Sheffield Hallam FM Arena Saturday the fourteenth of April marked the second time I saw Bob in concert. It was blatantly really good, but with conditions here and there. Because I like to think about the context of gigs as much as the sets themselves, I’m going to spendContinue reading “Seeing Bob, part two.”

Live Review: Pelican, 18 April 2007

Leeds Cockpit. Support: These Arms Are Snakes Boo. We missed most of the support act (allegedly the second band on, and they were finished by twenty to nine?), which gutted us immensely; they were the main reason we bought tickets. What was doubly gutting was the fact that what we did see was excellent. WhatContinue reading “Live Review: Pelican, 18 April 2007”

Welcome (Back) to the Jungle

Apologies for interrupting the scheduled programming like this, and I know I don’t normally make news-based posts, but I am making an exception here. See, the new Guns N’ Roses song has ‘leaked’ and, being a big GNR fan, I have been listening to it. A lot. Let me preface this by saying I amContinue reading “Welcome (Back) to the Jungle”