Seven Ages of Rock: Never Say Die

Heavy Metal: 1970-1991 And so it was that I watched a metal documentary; now there’s a surprise. For those that didn’t know, I love metal, and I loved the VH-1 series Heavy – The Story of Metal. I didn’t even really intend to watch this one (rather, I had intended to watch earlier episodes, missedContinue reading “Seven Ages of Rock: Never Say Die”

Welcome (Back) to the Jungle

Apologies for interrupting the scheduled programming like this, and I know I don’t normally make news-based posts, but I am making an exception here. See, the new Guns N’ Roses song has ‘leaked’ and, being a big GNR fan, I have been listening to it. A lot. Let me preface this by saying I amContinue reading “Welcome (Back) to the Jungle”


Izzy Stradlin – Like a Dog (iTunes download) Rock and roll. While often derided as a one-dimensional and tired genre, there can be few things to match it at its sleazy, life-affirming best. And rock ‘n’ roll is rarely better, or sleazier, than on that legendary debut album of Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction.Continue reading “Thirty-one”