Writer: Tony Tortora Director: Richard Bonham In Churchill, debuting playwright Tony Tortora has offered a vignette that is modest in physical scale, but rather grander in terms of psychology and characterisation. The play concerns the recently-deceased former prime minister arriving at neither Heaven nor Hell, but a ‘weigh station’ for the afterlife, in which Sir WinstonContinue reading “Churchill”

Tristan and Yseult

Writers: Anna Maria Murphy and Carl Grose Director: Emma Rice In theory, a play about Cornish separatists shouldn’t be very engaging. Amusing, perhaps, but not quite as edifying, energising and life-affirming as this production of the timeless Tristan and Iseult (aka Yseult or Isolde) from Cornwall’s own Kneehigh theatre company. This retelling of the otherContinue reading “Tristan and Yseult”