Live Review: My Morning Jacket, 23rd August 2006

Manchester Academy 2. Support: Richard Swift. So I finally went to another gig. It had been a while since I was last in Manchester, so I enjoyed the return to the Cornerhouse* café (I love that place, and there is nowhere that good in Leeds. Fact); brought back memories of my university days, when IContinue reading “Live Review: My Morning Jacket, 23rd August 2006”

Wolf Eyes – Human Animal

Sub Pop (2006) This album is really seedy and it literally just sent shivers down my spine. Ominous and grim, it’s the opposite of Burned Mind. The devastation, as opposed to being constant, is threatened. And it plays with the mind. What started off as some exercise in darkly ambient sax-skronk has mutated, Tetsuo-style, intoContinue reading “Wolf Eyes – Human Animal”

boris / dronevil -final-

So I’ve just received the latest Boris album. Apparently released in predictably limited numbers last year on vinyl, Inoxia just released the set on double CD. The packaging is excellent (there are six CD-shaped thin paper inserts, three for each disc, that have vague pics of the band members) as per usual, and I figuredContinue reading “boris / dronevil -final-“

What’s a Manifesto?

Simon Reynolds recently wrote a very interesting piece, not on music, but on the state of music writing. It’s something that everyone should read, as I consider him something of the daddy when it comes to people today who write about music. Some would suggest that mantle should go to Paul Morley, but my onlyContinue reading “What’s a Manifesto?”