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So I’ve just received the latest Boris album. Apparently released in predictably limited numbers last year on vinyl, Inoxia just released the set on double CD. The packaging is excellent (there are six CD-shaped thin paper inserts, three for each disc, that have vague pics of the band members) as per usual, and I figured I might as well learn to use this new-fangled digital camera technology to see what I can do.

Not listened to it yet, but when I get back in I’ll give it a spin. Taking a leaf out of the book of Neurosis (who did this with their Times of Grace and Grace set), Boris suggest the listener plays each disc at the same time, on separate stereo systems. Now, I never did it with the Neurosis release (primarily because I refused to pay twice for what was essentially a single listening experience split into two), but I might drag up a little stereo system for this. Not sure how well a combination of my expensive Death Deck and a tinny portable would work, but I’m sure I’ll get the idea. Anyway, front and back cover!

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Because I am such a consumer, fashionista (har), and all-round collector, I opted to get the t-shirt as well; Boris always makes such nice t-shirts. I had to wait a couple of days after release to make my purchase and, knowing both how limited Boris releases are, and how quick people are to buy things up, I was concerned. Luckily for me, most Metal fans are fatty boom batty, so XL and L were sold out, but my dear Medium tees remained (now sold out. Excellent). And here it is!

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In conclusion, this is how my Boris CD collection is currently looking. Very nice indeed. And to prevent this from totally being a teen diary entry, I’ll post some Initial Thoughts when I get this listened to. Expectations are high, and all I have to say is: roll on the sunn(o))) collaboration…

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