Devs episode 2

I still love the visual tone of this show. For the most part, the light is beautifully relaxing; ethereal. A perpetual autumn evening. A frozen moment. It’s got that dreamlike feel that reminds you of Tree of Life, in as much as you’re not sure that this is really happening, or happened.

This second episode’s emotional tone was overall less serene than the first. Probably intentionally, considering it detailed the fallout from Sergei’s death. Grief-stricken Lily tried investigating his phone for clues: other than a mysteriously password protected, self-destructing Sudoku app, there were none. That must be the key. She even leaned once more on that poor, rejected ex boyfriend to help her hack into said app.

In this episode, we also learned who Forest is, and the mystery of the giant child watching over the campus: she is an avatar of the real Amaya, Forest’s daughter who passed away. Forest is the charismatic cult leader-style head of the organisation, and we now have some insight into why he is so intense.

I like that the writers withhold key bits of information, drip-feeding it to us on a need-to-know basis. In the first episode, we took it as read that Forest was senior to Sergei and Lily, but that was as far as it went. We also knew that he was incredibly protective of his company’s data – to the point of murder – and that personal background helps us to understand why. Sort of.

Still very keen. And now I’ve written this up, I can carry on with actually watching the damn thing. I need to maintain some momentum. Not sure I’ll review every episode, but let’s see.

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