Great news from Propagandhi

I learned some info today from fantastic Canadian punk rock band Propagandhi. Read it yourself here. The long and short of it is they are writing a new album already, which will be ready for recording at the end of this year. That’s special for a couple of reasons:

1. They usually tend to do albums every four years, and the last one was last year.
2. Their last two albums have been clear albums of the year for me. 2005 and 2009. No contest. And, apparently:

judging from the 7 tunes we have going so far, it’s going to leave everything we’ve done in the past in the stinking dust. yes, virginia, even ska sucks.

This is very exciting for a Stan like me, and for anyone who likes things that are good. The one cloud under this silver lining is the fact that they need a new record label, after current home Smallman Records ‘is calling it a day and moving on to real lives that don’t involve unstoppable bangers at the top of their game (that’s us, hosehead)’. But, given that the’Gandhi is the finest band on science’s green Earth, that should not be a problem. Hopefully.

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