The Bug packaging fetish

Apologies for the clear laziness of this post, but I have to get something pon de blog tonight, as I missed out last night. I have a good reason: I was at a gig. And I plan on getting it written up tomorrow night. Exciting, right? Anyway, I saw Asobi Seksu. They were good, though two universal throughsilver gig truths held:

(i) Nobody dances; and
(ii) Encores suck.

But explanations can wait til tomorrow. For now, we have the latest instalment in my never-ending throughsilver vinyl fetish series.

I finally, finally got hold of the Bug album from last year, after everyone was banging on about it. It sold out at source very quickly, which led to yours truly searching, in a panic, for other copies. None in shops or the usual internet places. Wait, sounds familiar

That’s right. The same thing happened with the Earth album. Except The Bug was The Wire’s album of the year. That made it even harder, and I didn’t want to pay forty quid for it on Amazon. I thought I had it when I ordered it from Fa’ Ci’y. Sadly they pulled a Rough Trade, and didn’t actually have it, so on the wish list it went.

I figured that was the end of that chapter, until the aforementioned Ci’y sent me an e-mither about this item being back in stock. For 16 quid. But, I figured, if they have it then so must Ninja Tune, as it’ll have been re-pressed. And they did! Nice one. And, in the interest of fairness, even though they refused to combine my orders last week, I will also mention those fine people at Norman Records. Hey, they give me sweets.

It’s even been reduced in price at Amazon (but check the extortionate second hand price. £70? Who owned it previously?!) to an only slightly mad 22 quid.

Let this be a lesson to you: buy these records when the come out. Otherwise you may end up stuffed. I’m surprised I didn’t get this one on release. Rather than being a Wire stan, I was waiting for this quite eagerly. Lea and I, a couple of years ago, were mad on this bloke. Everything we heard of his was gold (you could say he had the ‘Midas’ touch. Har), and we bought up the 12″ singles with great excitement. But then the album came out and I wasn’t excited any more. I blame Lea.

And, as per usual, I’ve not listened to it yet. It’s on three discs, all right?! But I think this represents the last of the 2008 records that I needed to get. Especially as the Akimbo and Rye Wolves ones don’t seem to have even been pressed yet. Neurot! Aurora Borealis! Get it sorted! Both AuroraB and the Wolves themselves have assured me that their wax is on the way but, when I asked Southern about the Akimbo, they quite literally told me not to hold my breath.

That doesn’t bode well.

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