Is There a Doctor in the House?

So I got this in the post today. Released in October 2007 on Warp Records, it is a compilation put together by the man most widely known as Radiohead Likes ‘Im (you lie, that was a year ago?). Here is the tracklist, courtesy of my man Jugo:

(intro) from tape archive
Scorn – Doors – Hymen
DBit – Kero mix – R.A.S.
Autechre – Laughing Quarter – Warp
British Murder Boys – Splinter – Downwards
Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn – Warp
Paul Damage – Passing By – HOG
The Bug – Killer – Razor X
Squarepusher – Red Hot Car – Warp
British Murder Boys – Anti Inferno – Counterbalance
Throbbing Gristle – Persuasion (Motor remix) – NovaMute
Tony Rohr + Paul Birken – Lofishizzy – Remains
Cane – Fall – Arcola
British Murder Boys – Unreleased
Aphex Twin – Ventolin – Warp
Scorn – Sleep When Home – Hymen
Archae + Grovskopa – Elements (unreleased) Emergence
British Murder Boys – Father Loves Us – Counterbalance
Curve – Falling Free – Aphex Twin Remix
Eight Frozen Modules – Datacasting – Orthlorng Musork
Brothomstates – Rktic – Arcola
Monolake – Invisible – Monolake
British Murder Boys – Don’t Give Way To Fear – Counterbalance
Whitehouse – Dumping the Fucking Rubbish – Susan Lawly
Autechre – Second Bad Vilbel – Warp
Vex’d – Canyon – Subtext
Scorn – Snow Hill – Hymen
Surgeon – Klonk (part2) – Dynamic Tension
British Murder Boys – Don’t Give Way To Fear – Counterbalance
Monolake – Linear – Monolake
Eight Frozen Modules – A Low Bite Riddim -Planet Mu

Looks good, right? Word. Only problem is I can’t/won’t break into the packaging to get to the musical oyster inside. As you can see above, it’s something of an origami torture device and, while I’m sure I can get into it, I am not confident I could ever reseal it. I’d probably break it anyway. And, as you can also tell above, it’s well limited and I especially don’t want to muck it up on account of this artificially imposed value of ownership.

I’ll let you know how I get on. But I would surely never download it or owt.

Serious note: I really haven’t downloaded it. Nor did I upload it. But I figured, seeing as there’re only a thou in the world I might as well link to a file someone else uploaded so the world doesn’t miss out on the compage. If Surgeon or anyone wants it taken down I’ll do so. ‘Ere endeth the legal bidneth.

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