CYNEEvolution Fight (City Centre Offices)

For some reason, this had been described to me as a mix of electronica and HipHop. I don’t know if this was just due to the label that released it apparently being a ‘dance’ label, but I don’t know. It just sounds like HipHop to me.

It is a really good rap album, though. While not electronica in any way, shape or form (this is a bloody far cry from the genre-bending, and brilliant, likes of Anti Pop Consortium, that’s for sure), the backing is really intelligently put together. The mix is varied, the beats are solid, and some samples are truly emotive.

The lyrics, likewise, are of high quality, even if they fall into genre cliché once too often – are we really destined to hear of ‘niggaz’ on every rap album? It just suggests a dearth of vocabulary, which is odd coming from an otherwise perspicacious rapper.

Indeed, this is a great album all-round, with nothing in the way of filler and no skits. That said, this is not a classic, which is tough in a year filled with great, but not classic, HipHop.

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