In the past couple of hours I have discovered, and listened to a million songs by, BE YOUR OWN PET. They fecking rule. Actually, I lied a little. Just a little white lie. I had heard their single at some point last week. But the point…

The point, it remains. They rule, and are some really punky cool rock band with short songs. Like how good Nashville Pussy thought they were but really weren’t. Like some kind of really drunk mix of Minor Threat and The Donnas.

Like if Melt-Banana were Texan, or something. I think they played near me not so long ago, and I’m gutted to have missed them. Moreso than I eventually will be at having missed Wolfmother last night. I will see them, anyway, and it’s gonna be great. I’m gonna go off like a hand grenade. And marry the singer. When I see what she looks like (ts: w00t! Found a pic).

Anyway, all that Arctic Monkeys nonsense can fall out of a plane without a parachute for all I care. This is so good, and I hope I never stop listening to these songs. I also hope this isn’t their first album because I need more More MORE.


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