WrestleMania 39: night 1

The main event saw perennial scrappy underdogs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn become undisputed world tag team champs, unseating the Usos, who had reigned for nearly three years. It was a great match, full of drama, some barely believable kick outs, and lots of emotion.

More on the firefly funhouse

After having watched WrestleMania (largely free of spoilers), I started reading some of the online reactions to the matches, especially the godawful Boneyard and brilliant Firefly Funhouse matches. I was intrigued! Alfred Konuwa of Forbes decided the Boneyard match was: …immediately lauded as a masterpiece, the likes of which will be lionized in WWE history…Continue reading “More on the firefly funhouse”

WrestleMania 36 (night 1)

This was always going to be a weird one. I’ll admit, I haven’t watched a full WrestleMania since number 20, back in 2004. To be honest, the only reason I was watching up until that point was the insane physicality (strength, agility and that absurd physique) of Brock Lesnar. When he left, I did. AndContinue reading “WrestleMania 36 (night 1)”

WrestleMania 36 (night 2)

Okay, are we ready for night 2? Let’s hope this one is a bit better. While I was mildly scathing of a lot of what happened in night 1, I am impressed at how many matches they managed to put together (obviously, this was not going to be two nights at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’Continue reading “WrestleMania 36 (night 2)”