More on the firefly funhouse

After having watched WrestleMania (largely free of spoilers), I started reading some of the online reactions to the matches, especially the godawful Boneyard and brilliant Firefly Funhouse matches. I was intrigued! Alfred Konuwa of Forbes decided the Boneyard match was: …immediately lauded as a masterpiece, the likes of which will be lionized in WWE history…Continue reading “More on the firefly funhouse”

WrestleMania 36 (night 2)

Okay, are we ready for night 2? Let’s hope this one is a bit better. While I was mildly scathing of a lot of what happened in night 1, I am impressed at how many matches they managed to put together (obviously, this was not going to be two nights at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’Continue reading “WrestleMania 36 (night 2)”

tl;dr: it’s the WrestleMania 36 analysis!

As if 2,000 words weren’t enough, I’m doing a summary post about WrestleMania. I know, I’m droning on as much as the Edge vs. Randy Orton match. First thing to take away is: I think it’s great that the show went ahead. People are starved for live performances, and with both theatre and sport notContinue reading “tl;dr: it’s the WrestleMania 36 analysis!”