Pride 33 Thoughts: Part Two

Match Six (watched second): Sergei ‘the Siberian Tiger’ Kharitonov (Russia) -vs- Mike ‘Hadn’t Earned a Nickname’ Russow (USA) Next up is a heavyweight who lost to an inspired Overeem during the 2006 open-weight Grand Prix. After a promising start in Pride, when he went the distance with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and brutalised current double K-1Continue reading “Pride 33 Thoughts: Part Two”

Hyper-caffeinated Pride Open-weight GP Finals Play by Play Right, so I might not have mentioned this on the blog before, but I’m very into my MMA (mixed martial Arts or ‘fighting’, for the lay people out there). And Pride FC (Fighting Championship, as opposed to Football Club) has just, like literally this morning, had aContinue reading