That’s right! It’s a new Boris album. And a proper one too, not just another collaboration. I mean the collabs are good and all, but you can’t beat a good old new Boris album just by them. The last one was, ooh, in late 2005. Americans think Pink was 2006, but they are fools. ThatContinue reading “smile!”

The Vinyl Mission, vol. 1

So I recently got my turntable, and it has been awesome. As well as getting to hear old albums in the way they were meant to be heard, and picking up on all the cool new discs, it has become something of a mission of mine to get my favourite albums from this decade inContinue reading “The Vinyl Mission, vol. 1”

boris / dronevil -final-

So I’ve just received the latest Boris album. Apparently released in predictably limited numbers last year on vinyl, Inoxia just released the set on double CD. The packaging is excellent (there are six CD-shaped thin paper inserts, three for each disc, that have vague pics of the band members) as per usual, and I figuredContinue reading “boris / dronevil -final-“