There was a competition to win a Melvins album on vinyl recently. I entered. You had to tell the people which was your fave Melvins song and why. It was so Smash Hits, I couldn’t resist! So here it is. It’s pretty crap, but it’s earnest enough: My favourite Melvins song is one called ‘Hooch’,Continue reading “Hooch”

Writing Wrongs

Simon Reynolds recently linked to an Impostume post in which the latter wrote nasty words about what could be deemed the underground celebrities of rock music. Among them were Mike Patton, the Melvins and Steve Albini. I know, très controversial, and it’s not like such bland publications weren’t running similar Sacred Cows columns nearly aContinue reading “Writing Wrongs”


Fantômas – Suspended Animation (Ipecac) Mike Patton’s supergroup returns, with their fourth album since 1999. After the seventy-four minute single track ambient experiment that was Delirium Cordia (2004), the band released the polar opposite – a thirty track ‘calendar’ based on the days in April full of ostensibly kids’ music. What’s more, it was apparentlyContinue reading “Thirty-three”