Fantômas – Suspended Animation (Ipecac) Mike Patton’s supergroup returns, with their fourth album since 1999. After the seventy-four minute single track ambient experiment that was Delirium Cordia (2004), the band released the polar opposite – a thirty track ‘calendar’ based on the days in April full of ostensibly kids’ music. What’s more, it was apparentlyContinue reading “Thirty-three”


Lydia Lunch – Smoke in the Shadows (Atavistic) A very individual album, from the ever-individual and divine Ms. Lunch, this continues her love for the noir-esque sound. In fact, considering the almost ‘Sin City’ aesthetic, this would be very much a capturing of the zeitgeist in mid 2005. Sexy as ever, she purrs threats andContinue reading “Thirty-four”


Cage – Hell’s Winter (Def Jux) This is something of a signature Def Jux album. There are apparently numerous producers featuring on this HipHop album, but it has a very traditional (if that term can be used for such bruising, claustrophobia-inducing, low-bitrate texturing) El-P sound to it. I have been informed that DJ Shadow producedContinue reading “Thirty-five”


Amon Tobin – Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (Ninja Tune) I love Amon Tobin. He’s cool, his album art is always excellent, and he releases consistently brilliant albums. It’s fair to say he’s one of my favourite musicians around at the moment. His last album ‘proper’ (though this does technically count) was 2002’s Out From OutContinue reading “Thirty-six”