Interesting Times in MMA

I’m not sure where to start, really. The first thing I saw this week was the farewell to arms of Dream Stage Entertainment. Pride really seems to have taken the purchase by the Fertitta brothers to heart, because there was no sense at all of Pride’s continuing to be a fight company in the future.Continue reading “Interesting Times in MMA”

Pride 34 Hyper-Caffeinated Play-by-Play

OK, I woke up about an hour after this was due to start. First thing I saw was what turned out to be the closing moments of Nakao-Drago. I was concerned that I had missed a lot, but apparently not; I’m told that was the first fight. Anyway, Nakao won that withwhat looked somewhere betweenContinue reading “Pride 34 Hyper-Caffeinated Play-by-Play”

MMA: On Legends

Everybody likes a good legend; one of those near-immortals we can all look up to. Well, apart from those jerks who like banging on about ‘sacred cows’, but those people suck most of the time anyway. Yes, legends. A personal favourite legend is sprinter Michael Johnson. He was knocking about during my athletics-viewing life, andContinue reading “MMA: On Legends”