Future Zuffa Broadcasts to Lose Key Commentators? a.k.a. UFC 74

For Total MMA That’s right, readers. With the events of the recent UFC 74 telecast, it appears as though the esteemed vocal chords of veteran guest commentator Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture and up-and-coming voice of the WEC Frank ‘Lee My Dear I Don’t Give A Damn’ Mir are to remain absent from the airwaves asContinue reading “Future Zuffa Broadcasts to Lose Key Commentators? a.k.a. UFC 74”

MMA: On Legends

Everybody likes a good legend; one of those near-immortals we can all look up to. Well, apart from those jerks who like banging on about ‘sacred cows’, but those people suck most of the time anyway. Yes, legends. A personal favourite legend is sprinter Michael Johnson. He was knocking about during my athletics-viewing life, andContinue reading “MMA: On Legends”