Your Non-Weekly Daily Show Clip of the Week! #4: Healthcare!

Okay, so this is the fourth ‘weekly’ TDS clip I have posted in the last 300 years or so, but what are you gonna do. No more excuses! I shall post as and when. About the Daily Show specifically: it’s always good. However, sometimes nothing really stands out, meaning the COTW would be a tad arbitrary. Well, not last week, folks!

Last week we had a clear winner (from the three episodes I watched). But given that it’s one of the funniest segments I’ve seen, the remaining one episode (screw the ‘International Edition’) likely had nothing that topped it. I was out when this aired; doing badly in a pub quiz. I’d rather have been watching this. Thank goodness, then, for 4OD and the internet.

Get it watched.

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Back in Black – Health Care Reform
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