Earth packaging fetish: widescreen edition!

So I finally, finally got hold of the Earth album from last year, after everyone was banging on about it. It sold out at source very quickly, which led to yours truly searching, in a panic, for other copies. None in shops or the usual internet places. Someone recommended Rough Trade, and they had it in stock. Four quid more than at distro, but that’s still better than the average eBay price of £30.

Then nothing happened. Turns out Rough Trade didn’t actually have it in stock, but their idiotic website failed to register that little detail. So then I found a French shop that had it. Or were they Dutch? Anyway, they were very pleasant, but the postage was nuts. See, this ‘bible’ edition is a record of some heft.Figured I’d just leave it. A friend of mine got the CD over Christmas, so why not just rip it to lossless files?

But Southern distro opened back up after the festive season, and I was browsing their myriad wares. ‘Why not see what Earth they have?’, I asked myself. So I did. And what should I find there, bizarrely back in stock? If you saw the top of the page, you won’t be surprised to learn the answer is ‘the new Earth album’. Well how about that. I emailed those fine people to enquire about how this miraculously reappeared in stock, but they’ve not got back to me. Fair enough.

As usual with these records, I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet (story of my life), but what I heard was just lovely. And better than lossless files. Not quite as monumental as HEX, but little is. Can’t wait to see them. Oh, and some of the riffs on here are very early 1990s Seattle. Like, amazingly so, just cleaned up a lot as suggested by the current Earth aesthetic. But really, I think it’s track three? Proper fucking grunge.

Love it!

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