Flying Lotus packaging fetish

That’s right! After approximately one million years, I finally got the Flying Lotus album. I have even played some of it. But, seeing as I played a few other records last night, and am obsessed with the current Animal Collective album, I only got through one side before I had to turn it off. I know, getting old.

The esteemed Mr. Reynolds said something interesting about this album, a refreshing splash of sobriety in the face of its seeming default status of dance-ish/hip-hop thing of the year:

Highly listenable, quite impressive, the best of it makes me think of Sa Ra sans the kosmigroovy sexiness and goofadelic humour. The least of it is a bit… Prefuse 73-y.

Not that I’ve heard it all, but I know what Simon means. The most engaging sequence reminded me rather a lot of Sa-Ra’s ‘Glorious’, from a few years ago. People need to listen more to Sa-Ra. With Neptunes and Timbaland being rubbish for the last few years, I’s have thought the New Yorkers would have surged in popularity.

However, due to a combination of slight aural weirdness, the mainstream media hibernating in a fuggy slump of cod-soul and cod-rock, and the producers’ own ostensible unwillingness to chase fame, it hasn’t happened. Their album is great though. And their work on Erykah Badu’s album seems to have been noticed by certain crowds. This is heartening. I have a couple of the EPs they released on Jazzy Sport, but haven’t listened to them because:

(i) I’m saving them for when I need a new influx of Sa-Ra goodness, and
(ii) My turntable’s inconvenient for switching to 45rpm, so I tend not to. I know!

Anyway, Flying Lotus. I liked what I heard from side one, and look forward to listening to the rest of it. And listening to the LA EPx2 (frustratingly, I missed out on the first one. I do have this, though). (Shhh!)

I suppose I have to get the Gang Gang Dance album next. Human treadmill!

P.S. I noticed Reynolds mention a thread on Dissensus about Animal Collective. I’m not going there, because I’m still in honeymoon period with the album (blog post in the works!) and don’t want any snidey people stealing my sunshine. Besides, it’s the best album in years.

P.P.S. Did I just say that? So what, if it’s true?

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