Live Review: Melt-Banana, 18 November 2005

Joseph’s Well, Leeds. Support: Khanate Melt-Banana. What a band. They play some bizarre cartoon mix of very intense hardcore, grindcore and recently even electronic music. They are the perfect ‘extreme’ band for today’s MTV-conditioned, two-minute attention span society, with its desire for the instant fix. The fix doesn’t come much more instantly than Melt’s veryContinue reading “Live Review: Melt-Banana, 18 November 2005”

Tool vs. Tool: An Introduction

Since mid-may 2001, the debate has raged on: which album by rock band Tool is best – 1996’s Ænima, or the band’s last album, Lateralus, from 2001. If you ask me, they’re both classic albums from the best major label band of the past decade or so, and that’s fine with me. Interrogate me, andContinue reading “Tool vs. Tool: An Introduction”