Extras: Series 2So, the series finished with quite the whimper last week, despite a brilliantly minimalist performance from Robert DeNiro. It seems to me that Ricky Gervais tends to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm to see what he can nick, and repackage for his own show. And I don’t mean that in a nasty way, justContinue reading

The Week In Review

The first episode of series two of Extras aired tonight, and I was most pleased with it. Initially concerned about Keith Chegwin (seemed rather like a contrived attempt at Les Dennis mk. 2, on paper) and Orlando Bloom, they both worked out really well. Bloom was on fine form as the narcissist obsessed with hisContinue reading “The Week In Review”

Arrested Development, season 1

So I just got done watching this on DVD. As with Lost, it was one I decided to just wait for on DVD. Also as with Lost, I had some trepidation about watching it, given how it was supposed to be The Greatest Comedy In Years etc. I saw bits of it, and it seemedContinue reading “Arrested Development, season 1”

Not feeling the Force…

So I watched a new comedy on BBC2 tonight. Actually, it might have been on for a few weeks, as I haven’t really been paying attention to Monday telly recently. But yeah, Feel The Force is currently on, and isn’t that great. A comedy about a pair of inept police officers (but get this –Continue reading “Not feeling the Force…”