Interval time

I may or may not have mentioned that I aim to catch up on my evidently not-missed albums of the year lists. Because compulsion dictates a tag-based view make chronological sense, I shan’t cheat and start with the albums of 2016.
I’m going to cast my mind back to those halcyon days of 2011 and attempt to invoke in this decrepit 36 year old self the thoughts and feelings of me aged 31. Clearly, I can’t avoid a level of hindsight (or nostalgia), but I’ll try to make it as honest as possible.
Because I am catching up on writing, the blurbs for each record will probably be longer than for previous albums in a year countdowns: I hope you’ll forgive that (and indeed this) indulgence. I just wanted to explain what I am doing before otherwise anachronistic writing started appearing.
While you wait, please do spend some time reading about Mark Fisher, aka k-punk.  He was a most excellent writer, on blog and otherwise, and I this morning found out that he passed away a few weeks ago.  Chalk that down to my being out of the loop. Here’s his blog. I’ve not actually read his books, but I will do. It’s upsettingly funny how motivating a factor death can be.
Just being reminded of him makes me want to improve my writing, certainly the intellectual level. As my mum would say: “‘I want’ never gets”. Let’s see if I can be an exception to that rule, hey. Just please come back to me after reading k-punk…

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