Seeing as I was linked as something of an online Morris news avenue when rumours of his latest projects started, I thought I’d post this item of delight. From the relevant FaceBook group:

Subject: FUNDED


Due to this week’s final confirmation on our funding, your chance to be in the film has just become more real… no specifics yet but it might be worth getting yourself physically fit over the summer. We may need you to do some running on camera this autumn (to cut into our shots from the london marathon last year).

This last word on our financing means we can move from faith to reality and actually start putting together a full team over the next few months. Rewrites continue. There have been meetings about posters(this seems to be far more important than actually getting the film cast, written and shot). Location planning reports are good – we are currently focused on the Alps for Pakistan.

More news when the work kicks in. Meanwhile go and see In The Loop. Chris has been banging on about it since xmas & says it is “very funny” and had him laughing “in three different registers”.


‘DS’ apparently being Deidre Steed. Good news indeed – can’t wait to see some new Morris, and glad some proper satire is on its way. Quite fancy seeing ‘In the Loop’, even though Iannucci is currently in my bad books. ‘Skin Deep’, his alleged ‘opera’, was so feeble and joke-deprived that – even now – I have been unable to finish writing my piece on it. And I was at the world premiere!

One day…

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