From Popbitch

>> Brass neck <<
BBC say Airline Plot good, Morris bad?

Chris Morris. Role model for news and comedy
shows on TV. He has a brilliant new show idea.
The Brass Eye provocateur has written a comedy
about a Jihadi wannabe suicide bomber cell
in the North of England. It’s funny and topical.
The perfect TV show? Well, maybe to you and me.
To the BBC and C4, the channels we hear he
offered it to, it’s not. They’ve said no to it.
Possibly too scared at the subject content?

Did you see the recent “Airline Plot” terror trial?
The jury didn’t convict but on the same day, the
BBC thought it was appropriate to use their news
programmes to attack that jury, and put out a
Panorama show called “The Airline Plot” –
when a jury had decided that no such plot existed.
And Morris can’t get his show commissioned!

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