The throughsilver Singles Premiership 2007!

I had an on-off running top singles list at a message board last year, and I decided I might as well give the Premiership its own page this year. I have been slowly (very slowly) writing about the singles that I like – and only the sigles I like; I’m not trying to document everything that gets released – and I decided that once I get to a twenty, I can ‘go live’ with it, as it were. I like this style of ranking, probably more than the end of year deal, because it gives anyone interested a look at how the list evolves over time. Not that anyone other than me is that interested, but it’s there anyway. What is really fun about this method is that, now we are up to the full complement of twenty, any more contenders will shove the existing number twenty into relegation. Oo er!

So there you have it. I’ll permalink it on the sidebar and anyone thinking I’m missing out on any good singles should feel free to let me know; input is appreciated.

P.S. I am aware my title graphic has vanished; I’m trying to get it sorted now.

P.P.S. Sorted!

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