Albums of the year: 2005

That’s right, 2005. I’m posting this list due to a combination of factors. The first is simple indolence; I have had this list pretty much prepared since February but, as it was unfinished, held off due to some reviews getting lost and others having not yet been written.

Summer months passed by without much (or anything, to be precise) being written, and the sands of 2006 forced their way through the hourglass. Having already written a decent amount, I decided I might as well just stick the list up now. While seeking internal justification for such a move, I hit upon a decent topic on which to be righteously indignant.

See, whenever we get close to the end of a given year, thoughts turn to ‘WHAT WAS THE BEST STUFF OF THIS YEAR?!’, with other years seemingly redundant in the frenzied rush to praise Cansei de Ser Sexy or The Hold Steady before other people. Besides, what’s the deal with such obsession about the calendar anyway? Time is pretty abstract as far as things that act directly on us, so pardon me if I do something a little different.

Therefore my stand, in possibly Canutesque fashion, is against time itself. Well, not so much the forces of Cronos or anything, but this implicit law that states, once a year has ended, discussion thereof must cease. I’m saying ‘screw that, because most years generally benefit from a bit of perspective, a touch of contemplation after the fact.

And so, I hope, will be the case here (indeed, the positions that are yet to be published might be revised at any time before such publication, so maybe not even I know what will win. And in keeping with the non-time philosophy, some albums that got sorta-reissued in 2005 will be eligible. Case by case basis, see).

So, here is a list of what I consider the best albums of last year (along with some that weren’t that good, and are going to receive a kicking), in good, old fashioned, countdown format. 2006 will be earlier in 2007 than this is, but certainly won’t be before February. This is a stand, damnit.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote by way of introduction, back in the mists of time:

It is worth mentioning (though probably inferred by my dear readers anyway) that as with any list of favourites, this is constantly in a state of flux. Therefore, what I will be presenting is merely a snapshot of my tastes at that moment. It won’t stand forever, nor is it meant to.

There may be what some people deem notable omissions – Franz Ferdinand or Kaiser Chiefs, for example. This is not born of a desire to be iconoclastic; I just don’t think either I, or the list, would benefit from my hearing them.

Similarly, many of my favourites will be ones that are not so obvious, or of massive commercial success. However, readers can rest assured that, far from any desire to be contrarian or obscurist, these are indeed my favourites, in order, at time of writing.

And so the list begins. The idea is that I will unveil ten at a time, every few days. Numbers 10-6 will be listed at one time, and the top five will have their own separate entries. Hopefully this will engender a sense of interest and intrigue, rather than frustration and boredom. Feedback is always welcomed, either on the blog itself or by email.

I’ll probably post reviews of 2005 albums I come across in the future, as well as where they would stand on the list, so as to imbue proceedings with something of an organic feel. Here’s hoping those few readers who happen upon this list enjoy reading it as much as I have compiling it.

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