UFC 243

This was a fun show. Thankfully the two main events were really good rather than just “fun”, as two Kiwi fighters did the biz, and outclassed their very capable opponents. The main event fights were quite similar to each other, in that you had a rangy, lean New Zealander using his reach to pick offContinue reading “UFC 243”

UFC 241

Well, I just watched the damn UFC. I was expecting Daniel Cormier to have another pretty easy heavyweight title fight against previous champion Stipe Miocic, despite the Croatian-American’s size and reach advantage. I was wrong. I was right for a while. DC nearly ended it in the first round, after a combination of quicker hands,Continue reading “UFC 241”

If on a winter’s night a traveller

I’ve been meaning to write about books. Partly because I am actually finishing books now (three done in the last year! Which is good by my standards). So I’ll aim to get those written about. This one is confusing. And it’s actually not one of the three I’ve finished. I’m about a third of theContinue reading “If on a winter’s night a traveller”