Was Brendan Rodgers throwing in the white towel?

In case you were unaware, crisp salesman Gary Lineker has dissed Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers for selecting an allegedly weakened team against Real Madrid (current official best team in Europe, after having won last season’s champions league), in Madrid! Rodgers has left out Henderson, Sterling, Balotelli, Gerrard and Coutinho at Real Madrid. He has,Continue reading “Was Brendan Rodgers throwing in the white towel?”

The act of killing

I had to rip this from the film’s site, hence the arrows! Joshua Oppenheimer (2012) Today I watched the disturbing, compelling docu-nightmare The Act of Killing. This was one I had never heard of until my perusal of the Sight + Sound best films list (I slacked in my film reading in 2013). If asked whatContinue reading “The act of killing”